Monday, October 25

Victory Flogging

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New Monthly Competion.

Each month this blog will award a free dinner to the reader who posts the most politicaly incorrect statement from a UK newspaper. The dinner, with the editor and the most politicaly incorrect political journalist or politican of the moment.

As an example of the statard of quote we are expecting I site the wondefully politicaly incorrect comments from an assistant in the souvenier shop of HMS Victory.

'' In my view this woman from the council should be taken aboard the Victory and flogged for talking claptrap like that ''

The 'clap trap' was to issist that the aim of the celebrations in Portsmouth to mark the 200 th anniversary of Lord Nelson's triumph and heroic death at the Battle of Trafalgar was not to celebrate his Victory over the French. The woman from the Lib Dem Portsmouth Council said that the city was anxious to avoid ''rubbing French noses in defeat''

Clearly a silly comment - The French are well used to defeats they have had many generations of practice. Ed.


With thanks to Jonathan Oliver from The Mail on Sunday - 24 October 2004

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