Wednesday, February 21

The Fall of Troy

I am flattered by the large number of 'phone calls and emails from well wishers following an accident. The sad story is as follows:

Tuesday 6 February was the fifty-fifth anniversary of the succession of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the Throne on the death of her Father King George VI. It was also the day Troy fell. That's me Peter Troy not the ancient city of the Greek myth. The fall was unheroic - ice on a back door step caused me to tumble to the ground and break my leg, badly

The diagnosis: '' Fracture Distal Tibia and Proxoimal Fibula Right Lower Limbright Tibia '' was as much a test of my Latin as it was of my ability to bare the pain.

The operation: '' Open reduction internal fixation with locking plate Right Tibia '' sounds as nasty as it was. For the operation, which lasted for 101 minutes, I elected to have an epidural rather than a general anaesthetic - well if the Anaesthetist was going to stay awake during the operation the least I could do was the same and it did mean I could discuss the workings of the NHS directly with the Consultant whilst he was fixing the stainless steel plate to my bone. I assume the plate is British Stainless Steel.

The result; well for the next four weeks I shall be propelling myself about somewhat hazardously on crutches and or with the aid of the NHS 7343C - it is far too depressing to refer to it by its more popular name, a Zimer-frame. I will be unable to drive for months and I will need the aid of a stick to walk for some time. All of which will put me in an appropriate mood for a meeting (14 March) with those small minded 'trade unionists' that tried to send me to Coventry!

Below is a letter that was published in The Northern Echo last Monday which is I hope self explanatory.


At a time when there is so much criticism in the press of the NHS I think that is only right that I highlight through this column all those involved in the treatment last week in both Accident and Emergency and Ward 32 of North Tees University Hospital of a somewhat cantankerous and impatient patient who succumbed to the dangers of ice, fell and broke his leg.

Dispite the many failings of the bureaucratically misfocused, politically orientated senior management of the NHS my observations from an eight day stay in a hospital bed at North Tees University Hospital was that world class treatment and nursing was delivered, without exception by all the staff involved in my care, this was done with both professionalism and humour.

I hope this very public thank you acts as an incentive to continue the excellent work.

Peter Troy

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lady from middlesex said...

sorry to hear of your accident hope u have a speedy recovery and hope its not to painful all the best a friend