Thursday, April 19

The End of Week Quote

A very bad picture from Open Europe's web site

Today's quote is from Neil O'Brien of Open Europe. Extracted from a full comment on Tony Blair's announcement that there will not be a referendum on the revised European Constitution:

''This is a disgraceful attempt to wriggle out of the promise of a referendum. Tony Blair knows that the overwhelming majority of people would vote against giving away more powers to EU officials, so now he is going to take away our right to a vote.''

Well that is actually a somewhat inadequate comment since more powers are given away to EU officials all the time and many of those officials, whether Mr O’Brien recognizes this or not, are our own civil servants, quango and regional government officials (with the shameful support of our nations business organisations)The only way of solving this conundrum is by beginning negotiations for exiting the EU (not trying to reform it) and then remodelling our own system of Government.

The difficulty is that the deception of how we are in actuality governed is so effective that one most of Her Majesty's subjects have become apathetic as to by whom and how they are governed.

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