Wednesday, January 16

The March of the Euro

On the ball as he so often is, England Expects is retailing speculation from Brussels-based EU Reporter that Gordon Brown is engaged in some dirty dealings, preparatory to bringing the UK into the euro. This is not entirely unrelated to a report in today's Times which tells us that an informal meeting convened by Brown, between himself and the French and German leaders ... read on at EU referendum ... EU Referendum.


Anonymous said...

This is turning into an advertising site for other blogs.
Come on Peter, where are your thoughts and comments these days? You were always more interesting and direct than a lot of these others.

Peter Troy said...

Thank you anonymous.

As I sit at my very large British oak British desk working to stisfy the Publicity needs of my clients as well as fighting to protect my integrity with in the FSB whilst also jontly developing a new product ''The Fat Minute'' the same thoughs occured to me.

In mitigation family business (of a sad nature) nesesated my presence in Jersey for some time during December. Rest assured this bolg this year will be full of my very direct thoughts not withstanding the constraints of earning a living.

june said...

I agree with anonymous Peter!

Sarah Hopperty said...

What we need is another Peter Troy