Sunday, May 4

Global Cooling

Christopher Booker in today’s column, re-enforces the case for a period of global cooling all of which looks pretty persuasive. As we have pointed out in numerous posts, the policy implications for this are huge, not least the effect on the global food supply and, in turn, the implications for global security. What is remarkable, therefore, is how little coverage there is on this issue in the media.

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Jo, Nottingham said...

Informative, interesting blog Peter - keep it up :-)
Re: global cooling - I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering whether the global warming hype is nothing more than a political ploy to extract more taxes from the masses. Especially given the flaws in Al Gore's film - which could have been more to do with increasing his political popularity - not to mention the extortionate fees he could suddenly charge for personal appearances. If "global warming" is a deception - may be we should consider the hyped threat of global terrorism as well. Afterall didn't that make it relatively easy for Govt to impose more oppressive surveillance measures?