Sunday, April 6

The Sunday Quote

Today's payslip has more deductions than a Sherlock Holmes story.

Raymond J Cvikota

As few of us need to be reminded we taxed more now than at any time in our long and glorious history

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John Evans said...

Recently I submitted an Article to the Journal hoping to have it published. I thought it would be too long. It was. It was not published. However I have recently been several items in the Journal on the same theme as mine - i.e. that it was time to ask if our MPs were fit for purpose and to urge electors to think of the benefits of having a reputation for the region of being "marginal" in political terms. Look at the benefits other regions get from that. I was a Labour Party member for more than 40 years but have now left in disgust. The last straw was the matter of local government reorganisation and the way the government totally ignored public preferences here. Clearly they take us for granted. Lets teach them that they are wrong. I see other ex-councillors having problems on the same subject. Stand by them. Do not just not vote in May - vote for parties other than Labour. Teach them a lesson from their so-called "heartland".