Wednesday, June 18

Letter to the Editor

The letter below was published today in The Northern Echo.
It just goes to show how right our elitist political masters were when they decided not to ask the people whether they want to live with the all embracing Lisbon Treaty which will have particularly serious consequences on the 'engine room' of the British Economy. Recently 90 per cent of the 210,000 strong members of the Federation of Small Businesses who responded to a survey demanded a public vote on whether the Treaty should be ratified in the UK.; many Trade Unions also think the same.

Look what happens when there is a referendum as there was in Ireland last week: the people say no in defiance of the wishes of their government. Now according to our government that would never do here in the UK, people deciding what is best.

It is time that the voice of the people of Britain decided how we are governed not a group of self serving politicians and their huge army of over paid advisors.

Peter Troy

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