Sunday, August 17

Russian Invasion

Yet an other example of the confusion and hapless muddle from our politicians and the EU (as if yet an other example is needed) whenever there is a real crisis was evident last week at the non reaction to the Russian invasion of Georgia.

While Russia proceeded to ignore her own six-point peace plan and continued fighting in Georgia, targeting the largely civilian population and ruthlessly advancing towards the capital of Tbilisi the British Foreign Secretary said nothing, perhaps because he was more focused on internal Labour Party fighting. It also took days for both the Prime Minister and the Leader of HM Loyal Opposition to make any statements that made the slightest bit of sense.Still, it is good to know that when they met recently the foreign ministers of the EU member states decided to paper over their differences and agree to send monitors to the Caucasus to oversee the “negotiated truce”.

As is obvious from the news coming out of Georgia, there is no need for monitors, the truce is non-existent. What will our political masters propose when they realise what is actually happening, a consultation meeting ?

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