Wednesday, July 21

£ 3.70 per gallon - 82p per litre

The British motorist pays more  for vehicle fuel than any motorist in the Western World. A staggering 76 per cent of the price of both petrol and diesel is Tax, in the form of Fuel Duty and VAT. If the great British driver were to be reminded of the staggering amout of tax that is levied every time they fill up at the pumps there would be an  massive out cry. The combination of the 'road fund license' and fuel tax contributes  over 16%towards the governments income.  In our typically British way we  pay up, without asking to many questions,   and meekly  go on our way.

The Chancellor yesterday announced that  the planned increase of an extra 1.42p per litre of  fuel tax in September would be delayed.  For this decision we are told we must be grateful. The loss of revenue  to the government  will be about £ 63 million  per month, we should I suppose spare a thought for the extra administrators that will not now be employed in our beloved NHS.

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Sarah-Jane Hollands said...

August 2005 and petrol prices are set to hit £1 per litre. Rip off Britain indeed!