Monday, July 19

The Great Danger.

The great issue facing the UK is our continued membership of The European Union.   The euro elections on 10 June gave an excellent result of the NO to the EU party, UKIP.
The result of over 2.6 million votes and 12 MEPs has given credibility to the out of the EU argument which clearly has now become 'respectable'.
The issue now is within 18 months the people will be asked to vote in a referendum on whether or not to adopt the EU constitution. This is the big issue that our Prime Minister is so keen to sell to us.
The concern is that most of Her Majesty's subjects will be turned off and will not want to think about the implications  because most people, understandably,  will consider rhe subject  boring and complicated.  This attitude which  will lead to mental  lethargy and ballot box apathy is the great danger. 
If the EU constitution is ratified and the UK remains a member state of the European Union, the UK will cease to be a nation in the true sense of that word. It is that simple really.
This is blog will aim to extract from the debate the salient points and express them in terms that are relevant to peoples every day lives.
Recently on a Television 'show' the well known comedian Bernard Manning said that what is needed is a ''ladybird book on all this (EU) constitution business''.

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