Friday, July 30

The Few Fighting for the Many

Last week it was revealed that two proud and distinguished British institutions, Sandhurst College and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight are to be given the axe.
The reason is that the Government has decided to reduce defence spending by £11 billion  over the next 10 years. The reduction in spending will seriously effect the volume and quality of equipment that will be supplied to all three armed forces.

The fact is that Britain's armed forces are to be reduced in size and power to the point that our nation will be striped bare of protection.We can no longer defend our selves from attack or go to war on our own.

Senior Ministry of Defence officials admit that there is nothing that can be done from that terrorist attack from the air.

Clearly we will all have to take comfort  in the fact that the best advice will be available on how to cope  with a terrorist attack in  the free booklet that is being delivered free this week to every household in the country.

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