Sunday, May 22

Of Cash and Troy

BBC Radio 4 this afternoon (Sunday 22 May) broadcast a piece which reported the view of the 'left' in France who consider the EU constitution as an Anglo-Saxon Trojan horse.

Following the BBC piece I had was considering the desirability of a trip over to Paris as a volunteer when the vacillating Conservative MP Bill Cash interrupted my thoughts. He was being interviewed in both English and French by 'auntie's' Paris correspondent.

Clearly I concluded there is nothing further that I, nor indeed any one else, could now do to ensure that the French vote in such a way as to guarantee that Blair can not wriggle out of giving the British People the opportunity to reject d'Estaing's constitutional treaty.

Her Majesty's subjects may well yet all be grateful to Mr Cash in a way he perhaps does not intend.

It is indeed a funny old world.

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