Sunday, May 29

The Sunday Quote -111

The Sunday Quote:

''The European Union is in big trouble - and it has only itself to blame. The looming crisis over the constitution is no more of an accident than the tragedy engulfing the Eurozone Economy.
How do we get ourselves out of this mess without even greater grief ? Not easily. The problems begin and end with the bloody-minded arrogance of a Brussels elite who dish out rules and regulations with total indifference to the millions of people they effect.''

Trevor Kavanagh, Political Editor of the Sun - writing in The Guardian supplement: Is it all over for the European Project ?

In the same article John Cridland the infulencial Deputy Director General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) wrote:

''I think the EU faces a choice. It can stick with the old model of ''fortress Europe of building a wall around the EU and trading with each other. The problem is that this model relies on the state providing, but the state is becoming overburdened.''

Tony Benn's contribution (the left wing Labour Politician who campaigned to persuade the Government to agree to a referendum) remarked:

'' The Real issue facing us in Europe is a democratic one, who is to govern it, to whome will it be responsible, and why should any nation be required to obay laws that have been made by those we did not elect, can not remove and who will not listen to us.''


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