Wednesday, May 4

Sarcasm and Truth

Is there, I wonder, any truth in the rumour the in the face of the most audacious campaigning techniques employed in Sedgefield by UKIP that have ever been seen in the western world, Tony Blair has resigned before facing ignominious defeat ?

The tactic of no election leaflets being sent out, no election addresses delivered by the Royal Mail, no full party name on the ballot paper and no quotes from the Sedgefield candidate in any of the local media is amazing. The campaign stall on Sedgefield green - carefully erected on Saturday - flew more union flags than BNP could possibly muster with six supporters strategically standing in front to block the view of passers by who were very deafened by the sound of 'vote Bill Brown -vote UKIP' (repeatedly for three hours) without giving the voters any reason why was truly staggering.

The fact that the UKIP candidate cannot possibly be accused of telling a lie will clearly prove to be a vote winner.

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