Tuesday, September 19

Shame on Sir Ian Blair, again

As the police officer who gave the order to kill Jean Charles de Menezes last July the actions of Commander Cressida Dick are central any inquiry into the activities of the Metropolitan Police servive that lead to his tragic death.

We don't know how culpable Commander Dick is because 14 months after this catastrophic Scotland Yard blunder nobody has told the full story. The details of what happened have not yet been released to the public because the Director of Public Prosecutions was desperate to avoid a charge of whitewash after he rightly decided not to prosecute the officers who actually killed Jean Charles. So he launched a thoroughly inappropriate prosecution under Health and Safety rules, more usefully employed by a local council to ban doormats because they could hamper fire-escape routes.

Commander Dick's promotion to Deputy Assistant Commisioner is supported by Sir Ian Blair, which should be enough to bring an abrupt end to her prospects. She is seen however as being very much of the mould favoured by the 'Met' chief, she like her boss is an Oxford graduate.
Only the present Commissioner could possibly interpret that as a sufficient factor to aprove the Commander's promotion prior to the verdict of the Inquest; shame on Sir Ian Blair.

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