Wednesday, September 20

Strange relationship

An intriguing and illuminating article, dissects the relationship between the MSM, politicians and NGOs. It is an important contribution to the debate about the way we are governed, a debate which will be pursued here, with much intensity, in the comming months.
Our particular intrest is Business Non-Governmental Organisations and their ongoing impact (or lack of) on the process of business.
Headed "MSM, NGOs and paranoia", and written by Nelson Ascher for Pyjamas Media, the strap tells us that the article looks "at the strange symbiotic relationship between the Mainstream Media and Non-Governmental Organziations and what it means to our lives", but this is one of those occasions when the strap undersells. Mr Ascher also tells us a great deal about modern politics, read more…

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David said...

An interesting article. Thank you for sharing.