Saturday, July 12

Global Cooling

We have had no warming for eleven years, the current global temperature is the lowest it has been since 1999 and snow is lingering on the North American continent for longer than in living memory. We have serious papers suggesting a very real possibility of global cooling and sunspots have all but disappeared.

This Blog just thought that the Greenies ought to be told, pass it on !

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Kelly said...

Here in the USA we are told through the media in all its forms that we are in the midst of global warmning. Not to show my age (yeah right!) but about 20 years ago, while i was still in school (ahem) we were being told about global cooling. At the time it was thought that the holes in the oozone layer should not get any bigger or our atmosphere would not be able to replenish or renew itself. That our temperatures were at an all time low and that if things didn't change soon, we were well on our way to another ice age. It would appear that we were able to change that within my lifetime, lol, as we are now in a warm zone if Al Gore is to be believed. I for one do not believe him.

I am all for managing our resources better but if I were to purchsae green products to help with the environment and global warming, I would also have to be heavliy medicated as the products over here contain a lot of coconut oils in them. I am allergic to coconuts. At the same time, when I watch the news, I find that for some reason, we are not only not reaching our records high temperatures but we are also not reaching our record lows. The highs and lows are from about 40 years ago give or take 5 years.

I think our weather is cyclical (sp), in that we go through a period of warmer weather and than cooler weather. But what do I know, I only have to purchase the appropriate clothing for whatever the temperature is. :)