Friday, July 25

Not Holiday Reading

“The credit crunch and soaring food and fuel costs are making it harder than ever for people to afford a well-deserved summer holiday abroad. Instead of hiking taxes on flying, Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling should give us all a tax break.”
Mathew Elliott of The Tax Payers Alliance (TPA).

Today, the TPA launched their latest research revealing the total amount of tax paid by Britons holidaying abroad is a hefty £1.5 billion a year. With hard-working people saving all year round for a well-deserved break, few of us are aware of just how much of our holiday money goes straight into the Treasury's coffers.

TPA researchers compiled the costs of Insurance Premium Tax, Air Passenger Duty and VAT on a typical basket of pre-holiday purchases such as suntan lotion and swimming trunks, and discovered that every individual going on holiday abroad pays an average of £30 in tax, and more if you are flying long-haul. Shockingly, a family of four travelling to Florida this summer will have to pay a tax bill of £200 - equivalent to paying to take an extra child on holiday with them.

To read the full report (but not whilst on holiday - it is far too depressing) click here.

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