Sunday, August 8

Lottery Winner Seeks Cancer Cure

Congratulations to Iris Jeffery to donate most of her record winning £ 20.1 million jackpot for a global cure for a cure to Cancer. Mrs Jeffery, from Belfast, has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment since being diagnosed with throat cancer last April.

The Lottery, viewed as a tax on stupidity by this blog editor, has resulted in mixed fortunes for many winners and some curious decisions as to who the benefactors of 'good causes should be'. The jackpot prize of many millions appeals to the greed factor in people who's realistic chance of winning millions is so remote it creates false hopes. Reform of the National Lottery is much needed; more smaller prizes must be in the public interest.

Regrettably, this subject is not on the agenda of any political party.

Iris Jeffery and her family have made a wonderful decision that we hope will it time save the lives of millions of people. Well done madam.

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