Wednesday, August 25

A Spanking New Regulation

An employment appeals tribunal decision that Lancashire Probation Service was within its rights to dismiss an otherwise satisfactory employee who performed at sado masochism clubs has put an end to the assumption that the activities employees do outside work, in their own time have no bearing (!) on their employment.
Apparently the appeals tribunal found that some employees do not cease to represent their employers outside normal work hours and so had to maintain an acceptable reputation within the community.

Whilst off duty activities has always been an issue with semi-discipline (!) services such as the Police and Fire Service this ruling has a consequences in other occupations.
There are a number of business people who belive that it would be a precondition of employment to have sadistic tendencies to qualifiy for employment with a government agency or department. Perhaps it is in recognition of Mr Blair's objective of more transparent government that government agencies are now known as 'partnerships'.

What is not recorded is whether the former probation officer employee's collegues had a whip round as a leaving gift !
L Pay v Lancashire Probation Service, Employement Appeal Tribuneral Apeal No ETA /1224/02/LA . Full details available from

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