Monday, August 9

President Bush, a Dyslexic ?

There have been many theories put forward as to why US President Bush repeatedly subjects the English language to manglings which the British Deputy Prime Minister would be proud. Many political commentators have claimed that Bush is intellectually dim.

My personal theory that Bush possesses one of the greatest political skills a politician can acquire, to constantly allow his political opponents to underestimate him must now been seen in a different light.

George Bush Junior is Dyslexic. This is my theory, I know because I am a fellow dyslexic. There are many variances of dyslexia and the severity of the affliction varies with individuals.There are many combinations of dyslexia which I believe many international statesmen have and do suffered from, most notably Churchill. My form of dyslexia effects my ability to spell. When I was a young child I had a stutter, common amongst dyslexics, which I self cured in my teenage years. Occasionally when talking I mix words which many dyslexics do.

Bush is no fool. He has degrees from both Yale and Harvard Universities. Evidence of Mr President's dyslexia is in his many apparently curiously strange statements as well as his well known dislike of reading lengthy reports - as indeed did Churchill. Notable British dyslexics include, Rt. Hon. Michael Heslitine, Richard Branson and the late Agatha Christie; all three achieved the status self made multi-millionaires.

Recently Bush said,
'' I think the American People, I hope the American, I don't think' let me, I hope the American People.''

On an other occasion,
'' I promise you I will listen to what has been said here, even though I wasn't here.''

And famously,
''Keep good relations with the Greecians.''

These are classic comments from a dyslexic. The fact that they originate from the leader of the most powerful nation on earth is of concern to all; other than fellow dyslexics who fully understand what the President meant.

Why is all of this of interest to British Subjects ? Well there are estimated to be a million of so dyslexics in the UK. Many of whom have under achieved in life primarily due to lack of confidence.

This is a subject I shall come back to !!

Peter Troy

Information on dyslexia can be obtained from the British Dyslexia Association Tel. 0118 966 8271


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