Friday, August 27

Small Business - Big Jobs

New Job's in the UK are being created by the public sector and the non-corporate business community.

About 86,000 public sector jobs are currently being created each year in the public sector, the national number of jobs being just over 5.3 million. In the private sector 89,000 jobs - the majority of which are in small businesses - are being created each year. The Federation of Small Businesses calculates that firms that employ less that 250 employees have been responsible for creating over 10 million sustainable jobs over the past decade. Corporate businesses over the same period have contributed 'zero growth'.
The public sector will continue to grow so long as the private sector is able to fund it via taxation. The government is presumably aware that if it stifles small businesses with extra taxation job creation will suffer. This appears to be blatantly obvious to everyone other than politicians. Who say they understand but whose actions indicate they do not.

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