Wednesday, February 1

Check up at the check out

Further evidence has recently surfaced that Tesco is taking over the country (and perhaps the world). The corporate monster has been encouraged by the Government (Nu-Labour has very pro-corporate philosophy) to take on medical practitioners (GPs) in many of their huge stores. Hence consumers can get a check-up along with the weekly shopping.


As always the devil is in the detail. It appears that the Secretary of State's plans are that Tesco (and other supermarket chains) will actually be employing the medics directly in a somewhat curious private (retail) health initiative. One awaits the first offer of 'two blood pressure checks for the price of one and triple points' with some trepidation.

One wonders if Aneurin Bevin, right, the political founder of Britain's National Health Service, would have believed that 'every little helps' .

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