Thursday, February 2

Institutionally useless policeman

Much has been written about the Commissioner of London's Police, left, since the killing in July of Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell tube station, by a specialist unit of armed Metropolitan Police and specialist soldiers.

The handling of the tragic events by Commissioner Sir Ian Blair (Plod Blair) since that summer's day is the subject of a specific investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). It will be amazing if Plod Blair is still in his post the day after the IPPC report is published.

If there were to be a prize for the most appropriate comment on that most unfortunate of chief plods then clearly Peter Hitchens, right, of The Mail on Sunday would be the clear winner for his piece last Sunday which was headlined "More nonsense on racism from this most institutionally useless policeman".

As my colleague Sarah-Jane pointed out last week, Plod Blair's comments on the murder of the two little girls in Cambridgeshire in the summer of 2002 were seriously offensive. Peter Hitchens went a tad further and wrote of the Commissioner:

''Sir Ian Blair, like too many modern senior policemen is a menace to liberty as well as being a failure in the struggle against crime and disorder.''

One of the less publicised comments (Wednesday 25 January) from the IUPB (institutionally useless Plod Blair) was that: ''London was on track to record one of the lowest murder rates for a decade." IUPB specifically said that around 140 people will have been killed in the capital by the end of the policing year. He added that: ''the figures only stand up if the 7 July bombings, when 52 people died, were set to one side''.

I have heard some crassly stupid management talk in my life but that statement is (or should be) a resignation matter in it's own right. Ignoring the temptation to play with the question of whether the police have a different year to the rest of society (which would explain a lot) or to despair at the inevitability of the statistics, the depressing point is, not only did the security services not have any intelligence of the outrage, the head of the capital's Police gives every impression of wishing to dismiss the victims as an administrative inconvenience.

Many commentators are saying that IUPB got the job of Commisioner because he has known how to suck up to the liberal political elite. Sir Ian Blair's (IUPB) two public comments last week are arresting evidence that he is a menace to Britain's Police service and must either resign or be dismissed (for gross misconduct) by the Home Secretary forthwith.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly if this man were to try and do the honourable thing unlike some of his more manic gun toting juniors he'd run out of ammunition.