Wednesday, February 15

Mid-week quote

''We live in an increasingly bizarre country. It is acceptable, and certainly legal for homosexuals to kiss each other in a bar but, in a few months time, they will be committing a criminal offence if they light up afterwards.''
Dr Richard North - Political Analyst.
Click here to read the full article 'Freedom to go to hell'.

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Kelly said...

LOL that is so true. But then again in my home state of Oklahoma it is still illegal to eat a hamburger within city limits. BUT no one seems to be arresting all those people at McD's or B. King when they do it.

It is nice to know though, that I as a Native American Woman can now safely enter into the state of Massachusetts and more particularly the city of Boston. Up until just this past year or so it was legal to shoot to kill Native American Indians found within that city and state. WHEW! Glad they never found out my neice was attending Boston Uni, there could have been a LOT of trouble over that one.

Crazy confusing laws? who would have thought!