Saturday, February 4

WW1 War Dead

A roll-call of British troops killed in the First World War has been listed on the family history website It contains the names of 37,000 officers and 635,000 other ranks that were killed in The Great War.

It is a wonder of present day technology that it took me only fifteen minutes to find out that 16 Troys were killed in the War together with details of when they signed up, where they lived, which regiments (or units) they served and how they died.

Lest we forget.


Kelly said...

Congratulations on this site! This means that it is easily accessible for everyone to find their family members and friends. And also to see how and where they gave their lives for our future. Thanks to all of them. And thanks to their families for their sacrifice. I wish we had learned from our pasts.

Peter Troy said...

It was the head of the German Army after the First World War (who's name I deleberatly forget) who said in (I think 1920):

"War is a falure of Politics"

I perfer to correct this to: "War is a failure of political decisions"

anthony lynch said...

Just a note peter to say, over 50,000,men from the Republic of Ireland lost their lives in ww1, sadly its only recently that my country has honoured their memory. p.s i lost my great uncle john lynch age 17 years from dublin, may they all R.I.P.