Saturday, September 22

Community Support ?

They look like police officers, they sound like Police Officers and they often pretend to be police officers but, as the tragic story of the young boy who drowned while two community support officers (CSOs) stood by affirms, they most definitely are not Police Officers.
The posting on the New Umbrella Blog details the sad story of the young boy who drowned, while two CSOs who were summoned to help merely called for a trained police officer.

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valerie Tibbles said...

Having read your blog on the community police I quite agree with you.. I was sitting in a traffic Jam watching a group of youths kicking a rubbish bin to bits while on the other side of the road were two community officers sitting on someone's garden wall texting on their mobile phones... I thought at the time they were possible texting the station, till I then heard them answer there radio's that were attached to their uniforms...

If we must have community police instead of the real police, then why are they not being trained to handle problems in the communities that they are supposed to be policing.

Community police have absolutly NO POWER to enforce any laws.

So what is the point of having community police who are not able to do anything anyway?

This is just another ploy by the govenment to make it look like we have more policemen on the streets, when in reality all we have is: Bodies in replica uniforms of the real police try to fool the public into believing that our police force are on the streets of Britain keeping us safe.

I feel anything but safe knowing this, how does everyone else feel????