Sunday, September 2

Do As We Say Not As We Do

This year is the European (EU) Year of Equal Opportunities for All. The Commission seeks to make people in the European Union more aware of their rights to equal treatment and to a life free of discrimination. These are two of the basic principles that apparantly, we are told to belive, underpin the EU and assumes that each member State can not deal with such matters on their own.

This year the sees the launch a major debate on the benefits of diversity both for European societies and individuals. Read on here if, dear reader, you wish to learn more of how the EU loves you.

Anyway in the full sprit of the 'Year of Equal Opportunity' EU Employment Commissioner Vladimir Spidla demanded last month that a huge improvement in women's career prospects be made across all the 27 member states. The Commissioner was particularly vocal with regard to the 'gender pay gap' which is currently 15 percent wide across the EU.

What is particularly embarrassing (or highly amusing depending on one ones point of view) is the Commission's own record on promoting women to top jobs.

An examination of the detail (always important with EU matters) shows that only 16 per cent of EU officials in the top three grades are women and less than 10 percent of all female Eurocrats have made it into the top five grades. At the bottom of the Eurocrat grades however women make up 2,459 of the lowest three grades compared with only 1,224 men.

Well the concerned Commissioner could seek to get his own house in order first by seeking help from his five special (senior) advisers, all of whom are men. Quelle surprise!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like another case of "dont do as I do,do as I tell you".
Bloody cheek!