Monday, September 3

The Parachuting Mortgage Advisor

>Please read lateset update at the bottom of this post<

It is amazing how time flies; once again we ask the question, why leave a perfectly serviceable aircraft whilst in mid-flight?

The answer of course (this year) is to raise money for an exceptionally good cause, Butterwick Hospice Care (

This year we are supporting the intrepid Rachel Loynes, 26 a Mortgage Broker with Carterbar, Independent Financial Advisors based in the Tees Valley. Rachel is also the Secretary of the dynamic and expanding BNI (Business Networking International) Warrior Chapter (Branch); at the traditional seaside resort on the North East coast of Seaton Carew.
Rachel is determined to raise over £1,000 for the Butterwick Hospice Care, based at nearby Stockton-on-Tees when she jumps on Thursday 27 September from Peterlee Parachute Centre along with the Army Red Devils Display Team.
As well as giving Rachel the new exhilarating experience of parachuting the fund raising event will also make Rachel something of a local celebrity with features in the local press and veteran broadcaster Stewart McFarlane MBE will be producing a radio documentary on Rachel’s fundraising experience.

Unashamedly and with enthusiasm this Blog will be supporting Rachel’s fundraising jump. The editor’s only regret is that he will be holding 'the clipboard' with two feet firmly on terra firma.

Readers wishing sponsor Rachel can contact her directly at: 0r call Carterbar direct on 01642 343495.

Stop Blog - Update.
Rachel has now received pledges in excess of £1850 (updated Sunday 30 Sept) and is aiming higher and intends breaking the record of raising over £2, 500 for the Butterwick Hospice. Rachel can sponsored by email - see above. Special thanks are due to the Directors of Carterbar Independent Financial Advisers, based in the Teesvally, who agreed that the company would sponsor the cost of Rachel's jump with the Red Devils (almost £400) on Thursday 27th September at the Peterlee Parachute Club.

Cutting from The Evening Gazette - Middlesbrough 22-9-07 . Click to enlarge

Cutting from The Hartlepool Mail Saturday 29 -9 -07. Click to enlarge


Anonymous said...

Interest rates in free fall?

geddit? mortgage advisor? oh well.

A North East Reader said...

Clearly a high flyer - well done!

Sarah Hopperty said...

Excellent Rachel - put me down for a tenner in memory of that great tenor Pavarotti