Friday, September 7

A view from the North Junior.

In a Times report today we are told "Almost half of Britain’s mosques are under the control of a hardline Islamic sect whose leading preacher loathes Western values"

Tell us something we didn't know.

We are also told "Many had their studies funded by local education authority grants." Anyone surprised?
Melanie Phillips is still AWOL after summer vacation but I'm sure wherever she is she's working up quite a foam with which to start the new political season.

In a second report in the Times we learn of university degrees that
"may add nothing to a lifetimes salary":

"The expansion of university education has reduced the value of some degrees to zero, with recent male graduates in arts and humanities earning no more than those who left education after their A levels."

Thank you for flying Last Years Airlines. No doubt in one terms time we will be seeing reruns of the "one in four students drop out in first year" headlines. Makes you wonder why the call them "News" papers.

And so, when faced with a deadly threat from Muslim extremists preying on young Muslims who have no chance of getting a decent education or succeeding in industry (as if they were somehow different from the rest of todays youth) and a university system which achieves little more than masking a vast youth unemployment problem, you would expect the Tories to be leading the field in the media this week. At least you'd expect that under any other Conservative leader.

Were I in my normal flow of motivation I would descend into an incandescent rant about the inadequacies of the modern day Conservatives and their "leader" but today I feel no need. Helen over at
EUreferendum, clearly has more energy for rubbishing David Cameron than I today, which is quite unusual.

The problem is, it's a turkey shoot these days. You need a moving target to enjoy it. As a computer programmer I now have enough material to write a random Anti-Cameron Autoblog application. All I need do is an RSS newsfeed to the comments section of a Simon Heffer piece any time he mentions the C word. One can also take ones pick from here. What could I possibly add without descending into vulgarity?

But that would deprive bored bloggers of the chance for some typing practice and a chance to enjoy using all the delectable words from the negative end of the British lexicon.

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