Tuesday, December 25

The Queen at Christmas

One month after celebrating her 60th wedding anniversary, Queen Elizabeth II sent a Christmas message promoting the values of close family.

The annual message on Christmas Day began with a 1957 clip of the Queen during her first Christmas message broadcast on television -- marveling over the speed of progress. Today's message was the first to be released on YouTube, another significant communication advancement seen during her Majesty's 55 year reign.

"One of the features of growing old is the heightened awareness of change," HM said in the seven-minute message to the Commonwealth.
"To remember what happened 50 years ago means it is possible to appreciate what has changed in the meantime. It also makes you aware of what has remained constant.
"In my experience, the positive value of a happy family is one of the factors of human existence that has not changed," HM added.
A new page on YouTube branded "The Royal Channel - The Official Channel of the British Monarchy" will make the message available as it is broadcast to England, Canada and other Commonwealth nations.
The Queen ended her message by asking listeners to remember the poor, hungry and oppressed, the sick and those who mourn, as well as the lonely and the unloved.
"Wherever these words find you, and in whatever circumstances, I want to wish you all a blessed Christmas," HM said.

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Anonymous said...

This year BBC Prime, available on satellite to viewers abroad, unlike previous years did not transmit the Queen's speech.

BBC World tv mentioned it in the news after the Archbishop of Canterbury's ramblings about the environment. Which must be some mistake because the Queen as Supreme Head of the C of E surely has precedence.

Meanwhile Euronews, mouthpiece of the EU, carried it second in the news, straight after the Pope.