Wednesday, December 26


By Christoper Booker

Michael Yon is a brave American freelance reporter who, in his unique coverage of military action in Iraq, has several times gone into front-line action with British troops around Basra.
After a recent tour with the 4th Battalion, The Rifles, he quoted our men on the spot as saying that, although their record seemed to be rarely recognised back home, one shining exception was a "lady who gives them great moral support"."She is a wealthy woman who writes a handwritten letter to every wounded soldier in 4 Rifles and to every family of a soldier who is lost, sends $100 bottles ofwhisky to the wounded and has even invited families to her home."
On December 14, at Bulford, that much-appreciated lady presented medals to four members of the battalion, as its Honorary Colonel. She is the HRH The Dutchess of Cornwall.

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