Monday, December 31

Very British Awards

At this time of year the media is awash with comments on the out going year; predictions of all sorts on the year ahead, as well as remarks about the worthiness or otherwise of those honoured in the New Years Honours list.

To comment on the comments only adds to the agony of it all. For what it is worth try as we might the blog team has failed to find a good example of the cause of democracy being furthered in the UK during 2007. In 2008 it can only get worse, unless what passes for our Government in Westminster grants (or Parliament votes for) a Referendum on the so called EU Reform (Lisbon) Treaty later this year.

In respect of the New Year Honours List, there are no doubt many ordinary worthy people that have been honoured at the bottom end of the lists for lifetimes of dedicated and loyal service. The top of the list appears to be yet again to be top heavy with celebs and the likes of Michael Parkinson ('Parky') whose honours seem to have more to do with our ruling politicians pandering to popularity rather than recognition of outstanding service to the community.

Anyway in an act of self publicity we are making two 'Very British' awards to mark the end of 2007.
Firstly in recognition of the very finest example of corporate arrogance and absolute brazen disregard for customer needs we award Charlotte Brown the Commercial Director of Patientline with the Very British Subjects award - with honours - for Very Unbritish behavior.
Repeatedly Ms Brown in the face of heavy journalist questions denied that her company were targeting sick people in hospital with high pressure direct sales techniques on BBC Breakfast and News24 TV. Though Ms Brown was presented with a bottle of Champaign for her media performance by her colleagues - which is a profound reflection on Patientline's senior management - we feel she needed further recognition.
Our Second award goes to a man who one only meets professionally under distressing circumstances. The Very British Subject Award - also with honours - for outstanding performance in the face of many self determined and exacting Troys goes to Paul Battrick MBE, Funeral Director of Pitcher and Le Quesne, Jersey CI. Mr Battrick's manner, quality of service, leadership and attention to detail with all the arrangements for the Religious and Military funeral of my late Uncle, Brigadier T M (Terry) Troy CBE held on a cold and windy December Friday afternoon were excellent. The arrangements were a fine tribute to my late Uncle and also a first class example of Britishness.

Both awards will be forwarded to the recipients in an appropriate manner.

Two examples chosen for very personal reasons ? Oh yes and for very good reason, both need to be recognized for what they are by the blogosphere since this year and in the future both will have an impact for bad and for good on British Subjects.

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