Monday, February 4

The Brigadier

As promised posted above is the Obituary of Brigadier Terrance Michael Troy CBE (1922-2007) which was written by Alasdair Crosby and published in the Jersey Evening Post last December. The article can be enlarged by clicking on the image.

The Brigadier was well known to many hundreds of people from all walks of life both in his native Jersey and across the world not only for his distinguished Army career but also for his many sterling works of public service. Last week I was honoured to receive a hand written note from Baron Healey (Rt Hon Dennis Healey, formerly Secretary of State of Defence) to who's office my Uncle was posted in the late 1960's at the Ministry of Defence prior to his appointment as Senior British Officer at CENTO in Turkey in 1973. The note offered Barron Healey's condolences adding ''he was a great man''. Indeed he was and thus is deeply missed.

For the benefit of future generations Terry Troy has left behind extensive memoirs, documents and photographs covering his eventful life, with the help of various members of my family it is my intention to edit and then publish these items for the benefit of others who have an interest in 20th century history. A living memorial in keeping with my Uncle's character, life and many achievements will be announced by the late Brigadier's family shortly.

Peter Troy
County Durham

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Anonymous said...

One of the most admirable aspects of the Brigadier's character was his Queen,to family,to his beliefs, to his friends' to his employer [he worked with me for 12 years] and above all to those in his charge. He never surrendered his principles but he always retained his sense of humour, whatever the circumstances. A great man indeed and a fine example to us all.

Brian Troy [cousin]. Jersey