Sunday, February 3

Reporting Crime

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has recently launched a twelve month campaign encouraging businesses to report all crime to the police every time one occurs no matter how minor.

Currently only 1 in 8 incidents are reported and crimes targeted against businesses make up one fifth of all recorded crime. Whilst Chief Constables and Politicians (there is increasingly little difference these days between the two) are keen to inform us that crime is in total on the decrease and how wonderful our Police Service is at clearing up crime. The reality for most smaller businesses is quite the opposite; crime against small business is simply not a key performance indicator in the present day Police Service (remember when our boys and girls were a Force?).

The fact is that most small business despite the government's best efforts in the past 20 years to tax and regulated them out of existence are the engine room of the British economy (very much like the hard done by commercial motorist). The essential truth is that most owner managers simply do not report crime because there is quite simply no point, a serious point that the Police at all ranks across Britain appear to be quite oblivious to. Visit the campaign website here , the situation is so bad that it can only get better.

One can only hope that the Voice of Small Businesses, the FSB, also actions a campaigning website demanding a referendum on the Lisbon ('Reform') Treaty (in accordance with its members wishes) before it is too late and small businesses go the way of the Dodo.

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