Sunday, February 3

There Is But One Issue

Yesterday's Telegraph leader remarked that, "There should have been only one story in Parliament this week: the ratification of the European Constitution, now called the Lisbon Treaty." So the British newspapers are focused on the issue of the dreaded treaty? Errr well no, they are not. A scan of today's newspapers and the best on offer relating to the EU is a story in The Sunday Times about how Geoff Hoon, the government chief whip, last week carpeted Gisela Stuart, Frank Field and Kate Hoey over their support for the "I Want a Referendum" campaign. Quite simply the key issue of the moment in British Politics is the Lisbon Treaty.

Whilst it is quite clear clear that our Prime Minister is not going to allow a referendum on this key issue because he knows he will lose the argument if it is put to the people that is no reason why we should all just except this without a murmur. This Blog along with may others will murmur, comment , argue, protest, lobby and demonstrate. We are after all very British -it's what we do!

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