Wednesday, February 13

The Windbusters

Last Sunday Christopher Booker reminded us in his Sunday Telegraph column of the great wind scam. A bonanza enjoyed by the developers of wind turbines thanks to the hidden subsidy we all give them through our electricity bills. Under the Government's Renewable Obligation, they receive twice as much for such electricity as the owners of conventional power stations: a 100 per cent top up which makes our wind energy the most heavenly subsidized commodity in British history.

As Mr Booker points out the math's behind the logic of the Giant windmills is faulty considering that they can only produce 27 per cent of capicy due to the wind only blowing in sufficient force at that per centage of the time. To meet the EU target of 38 per cent of of electricity Britain will in fact need 21,000 turbines by 2020. Which will require the building of two giant wind turbines per day over the next 12 years.The British Wind Energy Association the wind energy's lobby group recons that we only need 8,000 of the giant windmills both on and off shore. Apparently they have not allowed for the fact that the wind does not blow hard enough all the time!

So as our nations green and pleasant land is blotted by these giant sops to the Green movement we the consumer (and tax payer) have to continue to subsidize this crazy project. There has to be a better way ....................

Editor's Note. The above image is simulated. The Lancaster Bomber did not really drop a bomb on a very green and environmentally friendly giant wind turbine and no wild rabbits were harmed (or even frightened) in the production of this posting.

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