Saturday, March 15

Car Wars

The anti-car war continues unabated. We are greatful to The Tax Payers Alliance have produced this handy database which allows you to check how Alistair Darling's new Budget changes the tax you will have to pay on your car. It lists every model of car currently on sale in the UK and thousands that have been on sale in recent years, and has already attracted thousands of users.

As well as the application for individuals, though, "What's My Car Tax?" reveals some shocking facts about the Budget as a whole. Whilst Alistair Darling dressed the changes up as a green measure to hit extravagant cars, it will actually increase the tax on 88% of available car models in the UK - including large numbers of modest family cars.

What's more, the increase in tax on various vehicles is, to say the very least, surprising. The notoriously un-green US produced Hummer incurs a rise of 14%, whereas the humble Nissan Micra will rise up to 24%. That's hardly a downsizing message.

The media have given a lot of prominence to the study, including the main front page story in the Telegraph, whose Leader attributed the report to the "ever-vigilant TaxPayers' Alliance". Particularly recomended is: A new Chancellor, and a new stealth tax.

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