Saturday, March 8

A Question of Costs

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On Monday on this blog I will detail - now that the matter is in the public domain - why I have this week issued a County Court Claim for a speciefied amount on the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), an action that I have undertaken reluctantly. I am a supporter of the business organisation that fights for the needs of the UK's smaller business community. As an activist with the FSB for ten years I was keen that the organisation acted effectively for its members. In recent years I asked senior officials some penetrating questions since I was concerened about the direction that the FSB was taking on key policy issues both in the North East and Nationally.
The responce of the FSB was first to ''send me to Coventry'' and later in clear breach of the FSB's own rules it was ordered that I should be expelled.
I fought back and I remain a member of the FSB following a long legal battle which involved an appeal to a sub-committee of the Federation's Board; yet despite confirmation of a fundemental contempt for their own rules and indeed, natural justice, the FSB refuse to pay my considerable legal costs of some £4,600, so it's off to court !


Anonymous said...

aww come on Peter

At least give us some of your pearls of wisdom

Stomach still hurting off the "Peter Troy - The Publicist"

Absolute classic

Anonymous said...

Why not tell us the rest of the story?
How you took the National Chairman and several NE members to disputes committees.
How your claim against the Chairman was laughed out of court.
How you got an apology from the NE members but were ejected from the FSB by their counter-claims.
How you were re-instated because of an error in procedure?
The reasons for expelling you were correct, the procedure was wrong.
In what is now becoming a Very British way, you used a procedural loophole in much the same way you did with the parking and speeding charges. You parked illegally and you were speeding but thaks to some Very British loopholes you walked away instead of accepting responsibility for your actions.
And now for something even more British - you expect the FSB to pay up. What a wonderfully just country we now able to live in thanks to people like you.

Peter Troy said...

The first point Anonymous, is that my complaint against the National Chairman was not laughed out of court, my complaint was in part upheld but the confidentiality rules of the FSB prohibit me at this time from discussing the detail online.
In response to the Counter Claim the whole point is Anonymous there was no counter claim.
I was never expelled as well you are aware.
With regard to 'Speeding Charges' the issue to which I think you alude to was a prosecution for failing to fill in a Notice of Intended Prosecution Form for which I was acquitted on appeal since the District Judge ruled that I had fullfilled the adequacy of the relevant Road Traffic Act.
My case against the FSB is really quite simple in that they have acted contrary to their own rules and those of natural justice.