Monday, March 24

More Great Deception

Our dear Government will later this week announce that legislation will be introduced to Parliament shortly to remove the restrictions on flag flying that have been in force since 1924. The new laws will allow public buildings to erect flagpoles and fly national flags including the cross of St George, the Saltire of Scotland and the Red Dragon of Wales every day. At present flags from Public Buildings is restricted to 18 days a year which of course includes the Queens official birthday.

The rule - which has actually been widely flouted for some time - only allows the Union Flag to be flown at half mast on the order of Her Majesty is soon to be relaxed to allow the Union and National Flags to be flown at half mask to mark the death of a significant person in the community without royal permission.

Regrettably the government is also expected to scrap rules which state that the Union Flag must take precedence over all national flags. At the present time the flag of St George must not be flown in a superior position to a the Union Flag and may only at present be flown on government buildings with two flagpoles. This change will be yet an other blow it an already fragile Union of the 'United Kingdom'.

As for the regulations concerning the flying of the ring of yellow stars on a blue background which is the flag of our true government, the European Union (EU) there remains some confusion. Since the EU, the supreme law maker of our land (Section 2:2 of the European Communities Act 1972) then clearly the 'ring of barbed wire' as it is often referred to on this blog should be given precedence since that is the by whom we are governed, Her Majesties Subjects in the UK are ruled by the EU.

Whilst it may well appear good as the Sunday Telegraph front page headline put it yesterday to think that '' Britain's free at last to fly the flag'' the reality is that particularly following the ratification into UK law of the Lisbon Reform Treaty with the EU - in effect a new constitution for the EU and importantly also for the UK the people of the UK will be further unfree free, in that they are governed by an unaccountable government based in Brussels (yes indeed there is a EU Parliament, hence the term unaccountable).

The latest encouragement by the UK government to fly the flag is in reality a part of the 35 year great deception of the British people, it is a facade. Unlike our cousins across the pond who can fly the Stars and Stripes in meaningful statement of their self determination we in the UK fly the Union Flag as a member state (one of 27) of the EU with increasingly less autonomy in key areas than any one of the 50 States in the US.


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a problem with the EU flag: it is impossible to fly it upside down!