Sunday, March 16

Tibet - One Reason To Boycott the Olympic Games

There are many reasons why this blog will, along with others be totaly boycotting the forthcoming Olympic Games in China. One such reason is the abuse of the peoples of Tibet over the past 55 years, little of the historical detail of the horrendous detail of China's dreadful occupation of Tibet is being discussed in the mainline media.
The Leaders of the EU member states have recently been going through the motions on the Chinese action in Tibet, asking for "restraint" on the part of the Chinese authorities and for "for human rights to be respected". However, the EU's Slovenian presidency has not yet agreed on a joint declaration with members – but it very little matters if they do. Fine words butter no parsnips, as they say, and if you want a real indicator of what the people of Tibet mean to EU members, look to the Booker column today in The Sunday Telegraph.
On the country's northern edge, Christopher Booker writes, six months of snow and record low temperatures have created a catastrophe in the Chinese province of Chingai. According to China's official news agency, 500,000 animals have died and three million people face starvation. When a similar if much smaller crisis 10 years ago hit Ladakh, in northern Kashmir, thousands of lives were saved by the expert intervention of a British charity, ApTibet, working with the Dalai Lama's Tibetan Relief Committee.
No charity would be better placed to save lives in Chingai than ApTibet, of which the Dalai Lama is the patron. It has carried out more than 150 aid projects in India and Tibet, funded by many well-known trusts and individual donors, more than 50 of them co-financed by the European Commission (EC).But this is no longer possible.
Two years ago, after China and Europe became "strategic partners" under an agreement signed by Tony Blair, the EU's acting president, in December 2005, the Commission suspended ApTibet's operations because of its link to the Dalai Lama. Since then, it has done all it can to close the charity down, such as demanding repayment of €451,000 (£340,000) it had given ApTibet for a project in Chingai which it had approved, inspected and signed off as satisfactory.
The European Coommision has become so ruthless in its desire to appease its "strategic partner" that it is now threatening to recoup a further £1.5 million from the charity. It is also demanding legal costs of £75,000 for a court case brought by ApTibet's trustees in fighting for the charity's survival.Doubtless in Beijing, the EU's "strategic partners" are happy. Meanwhile, its troops are again shooting at Tibetans in the streets of Lhasa, while to the north, three million people are starving, without any hope of assistance from the outside world.
If Mr Blair hopes to become President of Europe (unlikely though that might be), we should be aware what sort of government he aspires to preside over, concludes Booker. One thing for sure, Blair knows already.


HG said...

Please take your time to have a look at:

Get informed about the human rights situation in China, and have your say or show your support. (and if you are not interested, please trash this comment and forget that I did send it).

Thanks for your time,
Hnz (

Anonymous said...

you know nothing about the history, know nothing about the politics, know nothing about the Olympic games.
you are just a idiot

Peter Troy said...

Well actuallyif that comment is addressed to me , I do know quite about about all three Anonymous. Just one issue to consider as evidence that the modern Olympic Games are very political is that Nazi Germany was was keen to enhance their credibility by hosting the 1936 games and Fascist Italy would had have held the games in 1940 had war not broken out ,as indeed would have Japan in 1944. The Axis powers were in no doubt that by planning to hold the Olympic Games their totalitarian regimes would have been granted de facto recognition.

The only advantage in the forth coming Olympics being held in Beijing are that the excesses of 55 years of Chinese rule in Tibet and the current Human Rights abuses by the thuggish rulers of the so called Peoples Republic of China can be exposed in the World's media to maximum effect to some considerable embarrassment to western governments who in variety way support the Chinese government.

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