Thursday, June 9

No Shame MacShane

The No 10 Downing Street press release today announces that:

''The Queen has been pleased to approve that Denis MacShane MP, be sworn of Her Majesty's most honourable Privy Council.'' This is the same Denis MacShane: Labour MP for Rotherham who served as Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with the role of Minister of Europe.

{As Dr North often writes it is apart of the great deception of the government that matters 'European Union (EU)' are dealt with by the Foreign Office. The EU is not foreign it is an integrated part of the Government of our country}

MacShane the most deceptive of British Politicians has clearly impressed his colleagues as the Minister for Europe, with his gross well spun twists of information which he peddled as fact in the cause of the Government's EU policy.

At the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Conference in March MacShane in a key note speech claimed that ''withdrawing from the EU would, not in fact reduce regulation but increase it''. Holding up a 12 page form that businesses in Norway and Switzerland apparently have to fill to trade with the EU to justify his statement. Well, the 110,000 pages of the EU 's statute book the, Acquis Communautaire, which every small business in the UK is burdened to comply with would be too heavy to lift.

The well spun minister also claimed that 9 per cent of all current UK legislation originated from Brussels. Well the key word here being, current. Maybe over the past 12 months a figure of 9 per cent may be accurate but as the Foreign Office admits since 1973 a massive 60 per cent of UK law is derived from the EU; that is quite a difference, as any business practitioner, particularly those that employ staff, are aware.

MacShane's statement to the 600 assembled delegates of the FSB in Birmingham amazingly also said: ''If we did not have the EU, would each country not have to introduce its own legislation ?''

Well indeed so, we would love to.

So when MacShane swears the oath at Buckingham Palace ''to bare faith and allegiance to the Crown and to defend its jurisdiction and powers against all foreign ...persons or states '' one need not wonder how the Right Honourable Gentleman could possibly justify his eurospin; the answer is obvious - the man has no shame.

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