Friday, June 3

The Party is over

A Police force in the North East of England arrested 198 people in 12 hours last week, following the launch of a new get tough policy.
Mike Craik the newly appointed Chief Constable of Northumbria Police annonced a blitz on yobs, drunks, and violent criminals under the baner The Party's Over.
Extra officers have been on patrol trouble spots and arrest rates for drink-related crime increased last week end.
Taxi drivers in the area are however warned that the aproach could discourage visitors and effect their trade. Alan Fidler, secretary of the North Tyneside Taxi Assn said that he feared The Party's Over title could damage the night life trade, he commented ''This is Policing by slogans he said'' .
May be but at least it is Policing by the least possible route. Ed.

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Anonymous said...

Northumbria Chief Constable has simply taken something which already happened and re packaged it in an attempt to convince people he's had a great idea.
You could go to any city in this country, get drunk and behave like a tool and get arrested.
It's policing by slogans, there's nothing clever or new about it.
Mr Craik, why not come up with an initiative that puts your officers back on the streets rather than paying overtime to supplement them as part of a self indulged media campaign???