Sunday, June 5

UK EU Referendum

A MORI poll in the Sun on Friday shows that 67 per cent of voters believe that Britain should have its own referendum, with 72 per cent intending to vote No.

As Booker reports in today's Sunday Telegraph:

'Amid all the vapourings from the media and politicians that ''the treaty is dead'',we would be wise to heed the views of Messers Schroder, Chirac Barroso and Juncker and the leaders of those 10 nations in whose names the EU constitution has already been ratified.'

Booker confirms that it is the heads of government that will decide at their meeting on 16 June the future of the EU Constitution.

Booker writes:

To abandon the constitution when it has already been approved in the name of half the EU 's population is not on the agenda.''

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