Sunday, June 26

What a waste

An article on The Northern Echo's Business Pages (23 June) reports that recent research shows that businesses in the north east are '' unnecessarily throwing away'' £ 1.5 billion of paper. The report states: ''that if all the waste paper binned in the North East was joined together it would stretch from Middlesborough to Moscow''. Now that could win an international job creation award.

Anyway, since most of the paper would contain the details of the mass of government regulations that impact on the business community it is indeed tempting for business people to throw most of it away. However, in order to avoid prosecution from any one of the many government enforcers it is vital, in fact necessary, to read and comply with the regulations before disposal.

Perhaps The Northern Echo could lead the way in newspaper waste reduction. by supporting a scheme by which readers could return their read newspaper to newsagents in part exchange for the current days edition could both stimulate repeat sales and encourage recycling. Alternatively why not encourage readers to view the paper free web site; accessible even in Moscow.

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