Tuesday, November 22

Anniversary quote no 4

Margaret Thatcher entering Downing Street as PM and exiting having resigned, 11 years later.
Anniversary quotes:

Comments by The Right Honourable Baroness Thatcher of Finchley 15 years ago at the time of a very British coup of Conservative MPs who ousted 'the Iron Lady' from office after 11 years as the UK's premier.

''I fight on, I fight to win.''
Comment, 21 November 1990, having failed to win outright in the first ballot for party leader when challenged by Heseltine.

''It's a funny old world.''
Comment, 22 November 1990,resigning as leader of the Conservative Party and consequently Prime Minister.

''I shan't be pulling the levers there but I shall be a very good back-seat driver.''
Comment, the day before leaving No 10.

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