Wednesday, November 16

Waiting for nurso

This afternoon I visited my NHS GP'S surgery (medical centre, for our many overseas readers). As an 'at risk person' I am entitled to an annual anti-flu injection compliments of the NHS. As always I was amazed to observe that just about all my fellow patients were sitting waiting their turn for their appointments gazing seemingly mindlessly and bored at the blank walls; this despite a vast pile of 'reading' material available for their perusal.
Expecting a long wait I had taken two magazines to read. As I did so I wondered if the lack of interest in reading was in part due to quality of material available or was it just an absence of interest in reading generally by my fellow patients ? Examining the mind numbingly moronic contents in the magazines available in the waiting room I concluded that the former was probably the case.
When I was called to see the nurse, in a gesture of public spiritedness I deliberately placed my copies of The Spectator, Sovreignty and Private Eye on the table for the benefit of others; perhaps some verity might be needed to relieve the boredom and perhaps stimulate the minds of waiting patients. As I passed the waiting room on the way out of the building some 10 minutes later I was handed back my three magazines by a fellow patient remarking, ''you have forgotten these mate''.
My earlier diagnosis was clearly wrong.

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