Monday, November 21

Very British blogging

Tim Worstall The Times columnist and blogger, last week published a book, Blogged - an anthology of British blogging.

Curiously, his work does not appear to be on line !

In his piece in Saturday's edition of The Times Worstall comments:

'' The best historical analogy (of Blogs) is with the rise of the coffee houses in the 18th century, which coincided with a reduction in the cost of printing and paper.'' he adds later: '' We bloggers are no longer passive consumers of whatever we are offered to read or watch, we are now able to fact-check what we are offered, complain more about inaccuracies, correct them and in general complain with rather more effect than the traditional shouting at the TV or penning letters to the editor ever managed to do.''

Well yes indeed, there is still good reason to send letters to the press and shout at the TV - it is an excellent form of stress relief.

Tim Worstall highlights two blogs as being exceptional: a site that drives journalists crazy by fact-checking their assertions and surreal humour at it's best - we agree !

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Ken said...

Try - especially on Sundays when his BritBlog roundup appears.