Saturday, November 26

Killer cameras

Speed cameras (officially known as road safety cameras) are the cause of an increase in road traffic deaths. That is the logical conclusion in the figures released by Road Minister Dr Stephen Ladyman on Friday.
The statistics show that 3,409 people were killed in road traffic incidents in 2000 when 26 per cent of fatal accidents were speed related.
In 2004 3,221 people died and 34 per cent of fatal crashes were speed-related.

In 2000 speed related deaths numbered approximately 886 deaths - in 2004 1,095 deaths.

Clearly the governments speed camera policy is not reducing road deaths but adding to them.

Speed cameras are netting some £23 million (and rising) in extra revenue for the government (2,000,000 motorists were fined in 2004) and are a prime factor in alienating the public from the police.
When the point that speed cameras are the cause of an increase in road deaths in Britain is understood by the majority of British motorists, perhaps they will make a very British protest and insist upon their day in court when they are flashed by any of the thousands (1233 erected since 2000) of killer speed cameras. However knowing my fellow countrymen, most will continue to whinge into their real ale and pay up as demanded.


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