Wednesday, October 11

All For the cost of 120 New Hospitals.

"The bureaucratic costs to business of complying with European legislation could be up to €600bn a year - almost twice original estimates - the European Union's enterprise commissioner admitted on Monday."
So reports the Financial Times, a historically pro EU business broadsheet. The information is based on an EU report which is still available on the EU website (see page 36) and, by the way, the figure is not 600 billion euros – but very British pounds.
The cost to Britain is in the order of £120 billion per year or nearly £4,000 a second. Thus for the actual true cost of EU membership as a better alternative the Government could build 120 brand spanking new hospitals and with the money left over run them for ever. Oh yes indeed it's true.

One does not have to be a Brain Surgeon to consider the alternative benefits of Britains continued membership of the EU compared to 120 new, equipped and properly staffed hospitals.

Well in anticipation of our anonymous critics who will rush to comment about job losses if we leave the EU. Well indeed, we agree there would be a few job losses. All 72 MEP's (Members of the European Parliament) from the 'regions' of the UK would be out of very lucrative work. Well hoorah to that !

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